Areas of Expertise


I provide the option of working short term (6 sessions) as well as open ended therapy. This would be discussed and agreed collaboratively in our assessment session.

I am trained as a Transactional Analysis counsellor and I completed modules in CBT, Person Centred and psychodynamic theory during my training. I use this knowledge and experience to provide a tailored approach to best meet your needs. 

Couples Counselling

I offer counselling to all couples- heterosexual, same-sex, family- for example child and parent relationships. 

Having completed my couples training with Psychotherapist Jennie Miller, I work to her model. The therapy entails an assessment of one hour followed by eight sessions every two-three weeks that are one and a half hours. This shorter term model has proven to be both popular and successful. 

Outdoor Counselling 

Outdoor counselling combines the benefits of a traditional counselling session along with the physical and mental rewards of being in the great outdoors.

This approach to counselling provides a less formal environment to the traditional therapy set up. With the natural environment providing a backdrop which can prompt thoughts and memories which may not come to the surface so easily in a therapy room.

Privacy is maintained through my awareness of the surroundings and the odd deliberate pause to allow passers by.

This style of counselling often helps ease those who are anxious about starting their counselling journey as it provides a more relaxed approach.   

My Approach

 My training is in Transactional Analysis, in the most simplest form this theory looks at how we communicate with each and ourselves with the ethos being ‘you’re okay, I’m okay’. I am passionate about this theory and integrate it within my practise while allowing creative fluidity when building a therapeutic relationship with my clients.


My personal journey has highlighted the benefits of nature on our wellbeing and  I work within the natural elements as much as possible by providing walking sessions with my clients. For those with limited mobility nature is not off limits and we can sit in the outdoors rather than walking. 

During those bitterly cold months when the last thing you want to do is meet for a walk I bring the essence of nature in doors by using a unique blend of essential oils to complement your therapeutic journey

You are the expert in your life and I have the skills to empower on your journey, together we can create a tailored healing experience.